Nowhere Near First by Cory Reese


Disclaimer:  I think Cory Reese is an amazing human and my book review is 100% biased.  Also, I’m only on page 121 so far.

I love this book.  Why? I love this sport, and I love the people who participate.  Cory Reese’s story is one of many, and I love all of those stories too.

I’ve loosely known Cory for about three years.  I say loosely because he’s like a ghost.  He’s here, he’s there, and you know he’s around.. but he’s hard to catch.  I’ve never seen him out running, except at a race.  ( let’s not bring up the fact I haven’t been running much, Ok?)

He’s been kind to share invaluable information with me about trying to conquer 100 miles.  I’ve followed along like the rest of the fan girls in the flock.  Studying his Fast Cory blog, and Facebook. He has an amazing wife and family, and some very cool dogs too.

This book introduced me to aspects of Cory I would NEVER EVER have guessed.  Honestly… you wouldn’t ever have to guess, he’s so friendly you could just ask him.  Really.  He’s that friendly.

Cory’s book  Nowhere near first: Ultramarathon Adventures from the back of the pack made me cry, it made me smile.  We’ve got some shared experiences and I know so many of the trails he talks about.  This book feels like home – to me at least.


Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to be a real human Cory.


If you’re in the St. George area tonight stop by the St. George Running center for a presentation  and book signing with Cory! 


About rebeltart I'm a proud runner for The @Oiselle Volee and @nuunhydration. Race ambassador for @ultraadventures and brand new Beach Body Coach!

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